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Current: 0.1 [Changes]

Get ciss from the Python Package Index, or install it with:

easy_install -U ciss

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Welcome to code-centered issue tracking!

The ciss command line tool manages your ISSUES.txt file.


  • simple extensible humand-readable text format
  • use your text editor for editing one or many issues
  • use whatever version control you like.

Checkout the ciss tutorial for some basic usage examples.

ciss installs on virtually all Python interpreters and operating systems, was written by Holger Krekel and is MIT licensed.


ciss is just starting, it’s alpha software - but be assured: it has more tests than code :)

Getting Started

Install a public pypi release via easy_install or pip:

easy_install -U ciss

To work from the development tree checkout the ciss mercurial repository, i.e. do:

hg clone ciss

Issues / Contact channels

If you have questions, issues or suggestions you are welcome to join the `ciss`_ mailing list. Alternatively you may find me on the #pylib IRC channel on Freenode.